There is no doubting the fact that renting GSE is the smart choice for today’s aviation services provider. At Aviaco, thanks to a wide selection of high quality units, a handler can choose exactly the right GSE for his operation. Aviaco additionally offers a range of flexible rental options that encompass short term as well as long term solutions. Its staff are on hand to advise and help with the decision making process, and all rental equipment is fully checked over and ready for work. And of course, with Aviaco’s long experience in this sector, a customer can be sure of getting maximum value for his money.

Rental of GSE brings all kinds of benefits, not least that of removing assets from the company balance sheet. Rental allows for measured, regular payments, thereby helping to spread the handler’s overall investment. Furthermore, GSE rental provides a high degree of flexibility, meaning that a handler can easily dispose of equipment should it become redundant – or add to a fleet if circumstances require it. Best of all is the possibility of the maintenance package, which takes away the administrative burden, leaving the handler free to focus on his core competencies. 

GSE rental is hugely beneficial; and if the benefit of refurbished, used ground support equipment is added to the equation, the rental proposition takes on even greater significance.