Our firm

Aviaco is a multinational company focused on the supplying and management of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) for the Aviation sector.

After being a key player in the GSE market for decades, Aviaco has become now one of the largest companies in the world supplying used and refurbished ground support equipment in more than 90 countries across the world.

Aviaco features a solid team of top professionals, with more than 25 years of experience in the ground support industry, which has led the company to be one of the key players in the GSE market nowadays.

Our company provides a wide portfolio of services for our customers which includes sales & purchase of ground support equipment worldwide; short & long term GSE rental services; refurbishment and repair & maintenance services; fleet management and other related value-added services.

Our Core Services

Sales and purchase Sales

Sales & purchase of high-quality ground support equipment worldwide, being specialised in Africa, Asia and Europe and being able to satisfy any customer demand due to our global network of GSE suppliers and our vast experience in the aviation industry.

Repair and maintenance

Repair and maintenance is carried out in our main workshops in Europe (Netherlands and Spain) and in our network of high quality subcontractors. They are all capable of overhauling any type of equipment.
We are also glad to help our customers to revise their own GSE, so that the life of these machines is extended at the most competitive prices.

Short and Long term rental

We rent GSE for several years in the short and long term in 5 European countries. This offers several solutions and advantages to our customers. We are ready to extend our rental offer worldwide.

Fleet maintenance

Fleet management is equipped with an efficient tracking system, which allows us to immediately provide our customers with relevant information on availability.

Our Commitment

Aviaco's mission is to create an open and true business relationship with our customers, where confidence is essential. We are strongly committed to always keep an “open book” policy in terms of service quality and pricing.

This commitment is based on the following parameters:

  • Transparency
    No hidden costs in our offers
  • Suitability
    Always quoting the types of equipment which meet our customers' needs
  • Empathy
    Thinking with our customers and giving them support and feedback
  • Facilitation
    Offering value-added services (transport, commissioning on site, ..)
  • Fulfillment
    Being focused on meeting all our customers' expectations