Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services for Ground Support Equipment

Maintenance services for Ground Support Equipment

Your ground support equipment is there to keep your airport running smoothly. This will only happen if you keep your machines and equipment performing at its best. This is where maintenance comes into play. When you call on Aviaco to maintain your GSE, you minimise downtime. You ensure any potential issues are identified, diagnosed and corrected before they become disruptive. You increase safety and performance, while reducing emissions and wear and tear. All of this translates to a longer lifespan and better returns on existing equipment and an airport that functions as smoothly as could be.

A range of maintenance inspections for GSE

Aviaco performs different scheduled maintenance services for clients. They are based on the specific recommendations for your machines and ground support equipment, including the manufacturer recommendations for different brands and models. However, we also adapt and add to these. This ensures your specific conditions are taken into account, whether they relate to climate, legislation, environment, frequency of use, or any other important factor specific to you and your airport. Our experiences refurbishing and repairing second-hand GSE has given us insight into the problems that arise without adequate maintenance. We see first-hand how important it is to stop these problems from arising. Every step we take, everything we check and observe, and every correction or replacement we make is carefully documented. It’s the best way to set your mind at ease. We inform you of any future actions we expect may be necessary, provide targeted advice and let you know when your next service visit will be due. In other words? We give you peace of mind.

The A, B, C, D of GSE maintenance

The specifics of a full maintenance inspection will depend on the GSE and the make, model and manufacturer requirements.
There are standard inclusions in all A, B, C and D checks:

  • general safety inspections;
  • engine compression tests;
  • weight tests for loaders, catering and ambulift trucks and other GSE;
  • safety inspections for lifts and scissor lifts;
  • air-conditioning and cooling inspections;
  • battery regeneration tests.

Professionals in GSE maintenance

Aviaco maintains two major workshops for maintenance in Spain and the Netherlands, allowing us to serve our clients from across Europe. However, our services are available around the world. We will gladly send a member from our team to assist, whether this means performing the maintenance ourselves or training you and your team. We have also developed an extensive network of experts. If your needs match with their areas of expertise, we will arrange for a local member of our network to assist you. For minor maintenance tasks, we are happy to assist you and your team remotely. It’s best to contact us by email or phone to arrange an appointment with the relevant expert using Skype, Teams or whatever form of communication you prefer.

Questions about refurbished ground support equipment?

Make sure you follow daily, weekly, monthly and yearly maintenance schedules and you’ll get the most out of your ground support equipment. Would you like to know more about our maintenance services for ground support equipment? Are you looking for spare parts or advice?
We are always happy to help.

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