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The pallet / container platform,Einsa model TET-16, is an equipment designed to load and unload in all the low holds of WB aircraft and in the high holds of all conventional aircraft currently in operation with a capacity of 16,000 lbs (7,300 Kg .)

The equipment is provided with a platform that allows handling large loads. To load / unload LD3-type containers on aircraft such as A-320/319 where the approach path is limited, the TET-16 operator station is automatically picked up on the loading platform and thus becomes a narrow platform for containers.

In this way the equipment reduces its dimensions, increases safety in maneuvers and improves operator visibility.

The platform complies with the EN-12312-9 standard

The platform can be supplied with a wide range of options, such as electronic height adjustment for automatic alignment with the aircraft hold, handling of 125 “wide pallets, safety rails, transport of pallets and containers up to 16,000 lbs. Etc.

Weight 7000 kg
Dimensions 6100 × 3320 × 1700 cm



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