The 20 ton cargo high loader CHAMP 200 can handle all conventional freighters including the IL-76 safe and fast. It is positioned lengthways to the rear cargo door with the front platform directly docked on the door sill.
The CHAMP 200’s scissor integrated cylinders (the only one without vertical cylinders for lifting/lowering rear platform) and the low front platform height makes the handling of this aircraft easy.
During its long career at airports all over the world, the CHAMP 200 has gained the reputation of the unfailing main deck loader. Freight handling with higher reliability.



About the manufacturer

TREPEL, one of the leading manufacturers in the growing GSE market, aims to provide units with maximum availability and efficiency and, at the same time, having low maintenance costs. This is “TREPEL’s” philosophy. Decades of experience, an abundance of knowledge and ideas are important elements of market leadership, but equally important is the constant intensive dialogue with our partners on the ramp.

Worldwide operating sub-suppliers of components are a part of the on-time performance of TREPEL equipment. For more than 40 years TREPEL has been a synonym for technical quality at the highest level.

An increasing number of new customers have chosen the TREPEL equipment during the past few years. In the race for more economic efficiency and productivity, TREPEL is the right partner for customers worldwide. Permanent and uncompromising developments of a customer-friendly and user-oriented concept are the foundations of our success.