The TPX 500 is a towbarless aircraft towing tractor which can perform push back operations, intergate and short distance maintenance towings on medium and wide body aircrafts (including, but not limited to B767, A300, A330, A340 including the new A340-600, B777-200/300, B747-100 to 400). Its design based on simplicity (no video camera, less cylinders as possible,�), on the ease of operation (high manoeuvrability, direct visibility on the NLG, fully automated loading/unloading cycle,..) and on state of the art components (DEUTZ, REXROTH, DANFOSS,..) make the TPX500 a durable, reliable and a low operating and maintenance cost tractor. For maintenance towing a dedicated 90 kVA GPU is available as an option.

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Completely refurbished and in good shape.

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