The TF-7-GR is a 7 ton Pallet/Container transporter designed for transfer operations between warehouse, racks, loader, dollies and similar equipment. It is a very reliable piece of equipment featuring the strongest chassis on the market. Available with many options, the TF-7-GR is utilized all over the world. Designed for reliability and low maintenance costs, the TF-7-GR uses the latest technology and features very simple electric and hydraulic systems. Location and accessibility of all components has been designed to reduce maintenance time to a minimum.

Available Units



Completely refurbished and in good shape.

About the manufacturer

TLD provides its customers with a complete range of Ground Support Equipment through the most extensive Worldwide Sales and Service network in the industry.

TLD products are in operation at most airports around the world. Well-designed and adapted to the requirements of our customers, the equipment is consistently maintained to the highest standards by our large engineering teams. Performance and dynamic efficiency, as well as simplicity, high reliability and low maintenance costs, continuously drive our ongoing engineering efforts.