ModelACE 802


The ACE-802 series provide maximum passenger comfort in all types of aircraft. Available in a wide variety of configurations, these units meet the requirements of all aircraft operators regardless of fleet size or local ambient conditions. Using R-134a as a refrigerant, the ACE-802 are environmentally "safe", causing no damage to the atmospheric ozone.

  • Detroit 7 series diesel engine
  • Cooling capacity: 110 tons
  • Simplified Operating Controls
  • Rotary screw Compressor with two mated helically-grooved rotors
  • Normal compressor overhaul at 25.000 hours
  • No pump down cycle required
  • Temperature control
  • R-134a refrigerant
  • Filter dryer
  • Two each 42 inch diameter condensing fans
  • ASME receiver for refrigerant
  • 127 gallon diesel fuel tank provides for more than 10 hrs of operation


TLD ACU-802_datasheet 2005.pdfEN

About the manufacturer

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