Aviaco GSE’s commitment to sustainability and the global Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable by nature

At Aviaco, our core business is to repair, refurbish and keep ground service equipment in operation. It’s sustainable by nature. However, it’s just a fraction of what we do to encourage sustainability. Following the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we have implemented processes, and offer services, that embrace sustainability.

Sustainable consumption and production patterns

We believe we have had most impact in encouraging responsible consumption and production. By making refurbished and reconditioned ground support available to others, we offer alternatives to new equipment. This discourages waste and reduces the use of new raw materials. It encourages efficient thinking. We also work with recycled or recyclable oils, batteries, packaging materials and office stationary. We are a firm believer in the use of sustainable, green energy.

Sustainable in industrialisation and innovation

Aviaco is also researching new, more sustainable technology. For example, we are developing systems that will adapt diesel ground support vehicles to run on electric motors. At the same time, we strongly promote the importance of correct maintenance. When equipment is properly maintained, it performs for longer and with greater efficiency and the use of less energy. As well as engine maintenance, we provide training and simple checklists that highlight the increased efficiency resulting from properly maintained ground service equipment. They include everything from ensuring refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment is checked and performing optimally, to keeping tyres inflated to the correct pressure.

Lifelong learning

As well as equality in the workplace, we encourage and assist our own staff members in pursuing further education and even specialisations. We provide many different forms of training courses ourselves, keeping our own staff, as well as partners and clients around the globe, up to date with the latest procedures and technologies. Where possible, we run these courses online.

Partnerships to encourage sustainability

We believe that we all have a responsibility to act in a more sustainable manner. By working with the Sustainable Development Goals and partnering with other industry organisations that are active in the area, we hope to encourage widespread commitment to a more sustainable future. Our partners: i.e. UN SDGs, IATA, ICAO, ATAG, IAPH/WPSP, etc.

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