ModelFAKA 2/0.9/0.1


The TSU 2.0 is the all-rounder in the delivery programme of Schrader standard configurations.
For the clearance of small to large-sized aircraft series (A319, A340, Boeing 777), suitable for all airports.
The TSU 2.0 combines a good manoeuvrability and overview with high tank capacity

Brief technical description:

  • Wastewater tank volume 2,000 l
  • Flush water tank volume 1,100 l
  • Disinfectant agent tank volume 100 l
  • Wheelbase 3,600 mm
  • 8.5 t series chassis with a high loading capacity
  • High-performance vacuum system with 1,050 m3/h
  • With a hydraulic lifting cage
  • Torsion-free tank construction
  • Easy to service and maintain
  • Easy, fast operation due to automatic controls

About the manufacturer

Schrader is a German leading manufacturer for Aircraft Water Service Units and Toilet Service Units. With the innovative design of this Ground Service Equipment we fulfil all qualifications respectively to all standards and customer’s wishes. With about 200 employees in two production plants in Germany as well as our subsidiary company in Romania, Schrader requires the highest quality standards. Global networking and worldwide references, makes Schrader Company to a strong partner in the ground service equipment sector.