Smart rental strategies for optimal ROI

Today, any handler is looking to get the most out of his investment. That means having the right GSE in the correct configuration, along with a suitably skilled workforce. But that’s just the start: to really capitalise, it’s necessary to work smartly. At the airport, efficiency and reliability is all, which is why GSE rental has become such an attractive proposition. Smart GSE rental takes this concept to an even higher level.

Why rent?

Traditional ground handling operations have long relied upon the purchase of GSE but increasing numbers of handlers are now exploring the rental concept. Before considering such an initiative, though, it is essential to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your operational needs. 

To do this the handler must take into account the peaks and troughs in his operation, ideally over the breadth of a season. Added to this data would be flight frequencies, as well as the specific types of aircraft that are to be handled. Here, the aim is not only that of identifying the equipment required but also when – and for how long – it will be needed.

Ideally, in preparing the way for GSE rental, the handler needs access to historical as well as projected data. Only by amassing the requisite data can a true picture of the operation be painted; and a comprehensive data set will enable you to remain proactive, as opposed to reactive, when change occurs in work patterns. It also ensures that budgetary constraints are acknowledged and adhered to.

Choosing a provider

The choice of a rental provider should not be based solely on cost. Factors such as the quality of equipment maintenance, the availability of recent models and the flexibility in rental terms are equally important. Moreover, any respected provider will be able to arrange for usage analysis as well as make recommendations about fleet optimisation. After all, no handler wants surplus GSE in his fleet, or equipment that is not suitable for the task in hand. 

It is useful to establish strong relationships with GSE providers, since these companies are typically able to offer ongoing support in addition to targeted, expert advice. Indeed, any supplier that understands a handler’s business can offer valuable insights and even customised solutions that go beyond the standard rental contract. Such help is worth accruing.

Since Covid, the aviation sector has been turned upside down. What was traditionally a volatile sector has become moreso, to the point that today operational requirements can change on a whim. Only by adopting an effective rental strategy can a handler hope to adapt to these changes and thereby avoid any costly penalties. Operational flexibility and adaptability are vital elements here.

Moving ahead

Actually adopting a smart rental strategy, though, is not the end of the matter, for there is a need to keep up to date with developments and plan ahead: the fact is, continuous evaluation, coupled with a degree of adjustment, will ensure that the handler is making the most of his investment. To that end, a regular review of a rental strategy based on performance data becomes an important part of the package, and one that will help the handler retain a competitive edge, whilst maximising the all-important return on investment.

In summary

The above shows that any adoption of a smart rental strategy for GSE in a handling operation is rather more than just that of operational practice: adoption leads to a significant competitive advantage. Making use of data analytics for the purposes of planning, along with the selection of a trusted provider (or providers), and ensuring that the operation remains flexible in approach should all ultimately lead to a healthy ROI.  

The present, thus, is as important as the future – and looking at a smart solution is the accepted path to pursue, in order to remain as competitive as possible.

Think smart; think Aviaco

Holland-based Aviaco is a leader in the provision of comprehensive solutions for GSE. Its offer includes not only GSE sales and rentals but also refurbished GSE, maintenance programmes and GSE electrification. Our experience and commitment to innovation allow us to offer expert advice and customised solutions that, in turn, maximise our clients’ ROI. 

Contact us to discover how we can help you keep ahead of the competition.

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