Refurbished Ground Support Equipment and expectations

How long do you expect your refurbished ground support equipment to perform? A year? A decade? Do you expect near-perfect quality? Is buying the best option? Would you benefit more from renting? There are plenty of questions to consider when it comes to refurbished ground support equipment. This is why Aviaco discusses the important factors with you. As well as your expectations, we make sure your budget, performance requirements and deadlines are all met. You might choose equipment in an ‘As is’ condition. You might choose ‘Zero time’ refurbishment. And you may want to know what we recommend for your specific circumstances. Whatever the case, your equipment will arrive with a warranty of three months or longer. It’s your guarantee of a top-quality refurbishment and quality service.

A range of maintenance inspections for GSE

Aviaco performs different scheduled maintenance services for clients. They are based on the specific recommendations for your machines and ground support equipment, including the manufacturer recommendations for different brands and models. However, we also adapt and add to these. This ensures your specific conditions are taken into account, whether they relate to climate, legislation, environment, frequency of use, or any other important factor specific to you and your airport. Our experiences refurbishing and repairing second-hand GSE has given us insight into the problems that arise without adequate maintenance. We see first-hand how important it is to stop these problems from arising. Every step we take, everything we check and observe, and every correction or replacement we make is carefully documented. It’s the best way to set your mind at ease. We inform you of any future actions we expect may be necessary, provide targeted advice and let you know when your next service visit will be due. In other words? We give you peace of mind.

Refurbishment overview

We have high standards when it comes to the quality we deliver. With a full ‘Zero time’ refurbishment, ground service equipment is returned to excellent, serviceable condition. We expect it to perform for at least another ten to fifteen years. This is made possible by putting in the time and effort. And conducting an array of different tests and performing any refurbishment tasks we believe to be appropriate. They include inspecting and servicing all relevant components and systems and replacing any worn parts:


  • A full overhaul of the engine or the engine components, depending on their condition. We will also perform total engine replacements to ensure engines comply with emission requirements.
  • A full overhaul of the transmission.
  • Hydraulic pressure tests. We renew hydraulic components and hoses, reseal hydraulic cylinders, motors and pumps.
  • Rewiring of electrical parts and components. This may include anything from rewinding generators to reconditioning printed circuit boards.
  • Cooling tests for Air Conditioning/Heating Units (ACUs).
  • Reconditioning of air conditioner cooling systems.
Body work
  • Full sanding and respraying, inside and outside.
  • Interior reconditioning.

Equipment specific tests

  • Load-bank tests for Ground Power Units (GPUs); 400 Hz AC & 28 V DC capabilities.
  • Cone tests for Air Start Units (ASUs); single, double or triple hoses.
    Delivery of specific documents.
    • Signed and approved maintenance inspections.
    • Maintenance manuals for the specific GSE.
    • Operation manuals.
    • Spare part manuals.
    • Electric and hydraulic schematics, etc.
    • Transport & loading documents.

Experts in refurbished ground support equipment

All refurbishments are performed by our own technicians at our main workshops in the Netherlands and Spain. They are well-trained, experienced and understand exactly what is involved in overhauling GSE equipment. Our experts are the core of our maintenance services. They will also gladly help you to check and keep your GSE in optimal condition, helping you to extend the life of your machines and keep providing high-quality services.

Delivered to your door

When you buy from Aviaco, your refurbished ground support equipment is delivered to your door. Aviaco has extensive experience and a network of reliable contacts in the logistics world, giving you access to delivery options that meet your budget and timing needs.

Questions about refurbished ground support equipment?

Would you like to know more about our refurbished ground support equipment? Or how we perform our refurbishments? 
We look forward to helping.