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Trepel CHAMP 300 pallet/container loader is a self-propelled unit designed to handle containers and pallets up to 20 feet in length and a maximum of 30 tons.
It is capable of operating with a bridge platform height between 2 meters and 5.6 meters and can service main and lower deck compartments of a Boeing 747, DC-10, L-1011, and A300 aircraft.The CHAMP 300 isfast and extremely robust. With its cylindrical roller system on both platforms it is prepared for all climatic conditions. Equipped with a bogie wheel system for more ground clearance and fitted with heavy-duty components of world-class suppliers, the CHAMP 300 has become a “best seller” whenever heavy air freight has to be handled. The CHAMP300 is a combination of outstanding design and quality manufacturing. Freight handling with higher performance.

Weight 36000 kg
Dimensions 13580 × 4850 × 3900 cm