TOYOTA 52-2TD 25

TOYOTA 52-2TD 25

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With the 2TD, Toyota offers a heavy-duty engine-powered towing tractor that can tow loads of up to 49 tonnes. Designed especially to transport loads from distant points outside of a factory, the high engine torque allows the truck to easily cope with ramps and steep gradients.
The 2TD towing tractor combines diesel power with operator comfort.

Key standard features:
* 3.5 litre 3Z-III diesel engine (2TD)
* Reliable Toyota-built engines and manual transmissions
* Ergonomic driver space for maximum comfort
* Low exhaust emissions in line with Directive 97/68/EC Stage IIIa
* Easily visible tow hook
* Towing capacity: 49000 kgs
* Max. drawbar pull: 2500 kg
* Max. speed: 30 km/hr
* Min. turning radius: 3050 mm

Dimensions 3130 × 1445 × 1390 cm



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