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The TPX-200-MTS is a tractor without high-speed bar which can perform push-back operations as well as towing on AIRBUS A319 / A320 / A321, A300 / A310, A330 / A340-600, MD, DC9 aircraft , MD80 / MD90, DC10 / MD11, and BOEING B737, B757, B767, B787, B777-200 / 300 (up to 300 tons) and is perfect for the new A350.
As an additional option you can use a lift cabin to service EMB190, B727 aircraft and perform tasks under the belly of the plane.
The design of the cradle of our TPX is unique, it has a central articulation in the chassis which helps prevent “Jack-knifing” incidents. The driver is perfectly aligned with the nose train and very close to the cradle in order to perform safe operations.
Its 100% automated loading and unloading system is designed to be fail-safe and its simplicity is incomparable. To perform maintenance towing tasks, a 90 kVA GPU can be included as an additional option.
Like all TLD tractors, the TPX is efficient in design (2 traction wheels, 2 steering wheels) which simplifies its operation and maintenance, also offers the best total cost of ownership among tractors in its class.

Weight 18450 kg
Dimensions 8000 × 3000 × 1900 cm



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