TLD TMX150/9

TLD TMX150/12

The TMX-150 aircraft towing tractor, with a maximum draw bar pull up to 12 000 daN (~27,000 lbs),
is designed to perform push and pull operations on narrow and medium body A/C, (as CRJ100 to
900ER, ATR 42/72, BAE 146, Embraer 135 to 190, Saab 2000, Fokker 70/100, B717, B727, B737,
B757, B767-200 to 300ER, DC9 and MD80 to 95, A318, 319, 320, 321, A300 and A310, and other
aircraft). Its ergonomic design provides agility and visibility. TLD’s high standards of build and
component quality make the TMX-150 a durable and reliable tractor.

Weight 11700 kg
Dimensions 4500 × 2000 × 1990 cm



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