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TLD ACU 802-340

TLD ACU 802-340

The ACU-802  Air Conditioning /Heating Units provide maximum
passenger comfort in all types of aircraft. Available in
a wide variety of configurations, these units meet the
requirements of all aircraft operators regardless of
fleet size or local ambient conditions. Using R-134a
refrigerant, the ACU-802 Series are environmentally
“Safe” causing no damage to the atmospheric ozone.
The units employ an air-to-air type refrigeration
system, and for operators requiring heat, can be
supplied with an optional reverse-cycle “heat pump”
system. Provisions are made to utilize engine coolant
heat to augment the reverse-cycle heat mode. There
are no dangers of combustion or its by-products near
the aircraft. The “change-over” from one mode to
another is so simple that it can be performed by the
operator on the ramp. Heating and cooling modes are
available as required throughout the day without
taking the unit out of service for adjustment.



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