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The ACE-HGEU90 air conditioning and ventilation unit provides comfortable aircraft cabin temperatures in all ambient conditions for passenger, cleaning, or maintenance personnel comfort in all types of 12-40 passenger capacity commuter and corporate aircraft. Since the ACE-HGEU90 operates using flood duct air conditioning, aircraft without external connectors may be serviced.The unit employs a 3 cylinder, 4 cycle diesel engine with integrated oil/air cooling, a 230 VAC generator, reciprocating compressor, condenser, evaporator, thermal expansion valve, blower, and air delivery system.The conditioned air module is mounted on a trailer chassis with self-locking tow bar brake, a short turn radius fifth wheel design front axle, and 4.80-12 4-ply pneumatic tires. The trailer may be towed over paved surfaces at up to 10 mph. All controls are located to permit operation by one person. Air conditioning and ventilating modes may be selected as required on demand.Cooling CapacityNominal Load: 7.5 TonsHeat Rejection: 90,000 Btu/Hr.Refrigerant: R-22Replacement Refrigerant (in service units): SUVA 47CEngine : Type: Deutz F3L1011FGenerator: Type: Stamford Newage BCI184E1R



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