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  • The SCHOPF F 180 is an aircraft towing tractor with 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steering.
  • It is available in the weight classes 20,000 / 24,000 / 28,000 kg
  • This tractor consists of a sturdy and rigid frame of welded construction. The front axle is mounted to the frame by semi-elliptic laminated leaf springs. The rear axle is rigidly mounted.
  • Engine, full-power-shift transmission and hydraulic system as well as all other components are placed within the frame, easily accessible for repair and maintenance work. Engine and transmission can be removed as one unit.
  • The F 180 tractor can be supplied in a so-called “short” or “long” version. Besides an elevating cabin for driver and co-driver in front (short version), the tractor can be additionally equipped with a full-width platform or a fully functional one-man rear operator’s station (either open stand or closed cab) with small platform.
  • The tractor weight is equally distributed on all four wheels.
  • Various types of tow couplings for connecting a tow bar can be mounted to each of the
  • massive bumpers front and rear. In standard single-stage pin-type tow hitches, pin with 3” [75 mm] Ø, are fitted.
Weight 24000 kg
Dimensions 7150 × 2500 × 1650 cm



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