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The lightweight snow ploughs of the SNK and SNP series are equipped with a polymer blade and designed for clearing minor amounts of snow at lower altitudes.
Both variants are easy to operate and, owing to their anti-corrosion polymer blade, adept at clearing remainingsnow and slush. With their low-maintenance and non-corrosive plough blades, SNK and SNP lightweight snow ploughs efficiently and reliably complete their clearing tasks on both inner-city and rural roads.
Depending on the size, they are suitable for mounting on narrow-track vehicles, vans and pickups as well as on Unimogs and large trucks. Mounting and dismounting can be done in a matter of minutes.
The compact, self-supporting SNK plough blade is cushioned against vibrations in a diagonally braced steel frame. This makes it a lightweightbut stable snow plough.

  • Snow plough height 1.180
  • Length of cutting edge (mm)2.700
  • Clearing width at 32º (mm)2.310
  • Approx. weight (kg)405
  • Cutting blade sections : 4



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