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The PTS 3-R FMC model has been designed to tow aircrafts without the help of a towing bar. It has the possibility of clamping and moving an aircraft with 205 t. of maximum weight. A lot of aircrafts are included in this range so this tractor has a very big versatility.PTS 3-R tractor is powered by a Diesel engine that works two hydraulic pumps, the first one for the propulsion movement (that supplies oil pressure to the hydraulic engine that propels the front axle) and the other one for the service movement (that supplies oil pressure to the fastening module, power steering, the brake system, the engine cooling circuit, the engine lubrication oil circuit and the hydraulic oil).The tractor can reach the speed of 32 km/h (20 miles/h) if the charge on the front wheel is lower than 220kN.



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