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A mid-sized tractor for excellent performance with economy in handling all but the largest aircraft.

Designed to service aircraft from the B737 and A318 to B777 and A340 (except A340-600), FMC’s Expediter 300 brings ultimate towbarless tractor efficiency and convenience to handling a range of popular aircraft. All with great safety, simplicity, and the economical option of one-man operation. No towbars to switch and faster towing speeds mean the Expediter 300 can do the work of several conventional towbar tractors. The unique Expediter series pick-up configuration assures firm aircraft locking under all towing conditions – yet puts less stress on aircraft nose gear than other pushback/towing attachment systems. And, at every turn, FMC Technologies’ continuous design improvements and unmatched “life-of-the-product” support add even more to the package.



Weight 14400 kg
Dimensions 8120 × 3550 × 1720 cm

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