Customers worldwide trust in the outstanding quality of the Hydro aircraft towing and pushback equipment. Hydro tow-bars perfectly fit the requirements from aircraft manufacturers. They will convince you with user-friendliness and short lead times, and are designed according to the applicable norms and standards.The portfolio covers your whole aircraft fleet whether you have narrow-body, wide-body, business jets, regional jet aircraft or helicopters.

The TOWB767-C allows you to handle different types of aircraft: B767, A330, A340-200/300, A350-900/1000, A350-1000 and IL-96.

Your benefits?

  • Safety, quality and durability “Made in Germany”,
  • Designed to standards,
  • Long service life,
  • Ergonomic design,
  • Wide range of options to satisfy your needs,
  • Easy maneuvering due to an optimized undercarriage with integrated floating axle system,
  • Tow-head design with integrated shear pins and retaining pin,
  • At least 10 years of spare parts availability.



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