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The FMC model SMARTSTEP-2 (1990000), diesel powered, self-propelled passenger step is designed for universal use. It is capable of servicing aircraft with passenger doors from 2.4 to 5.8 m high.The innovative design of the steps makes possible a combination of functional advantages and outstanding technical performances in the areas of safety, stability and load capacity.

  1. Simple controls and systems – Easy accessibility of components coupled with simple systems to perform all step functions leads to easy maintenance and high customer satisfaction.
  2. Stair raising cylinder – The single cylinder uses no chains, telescopic rods, or other devices to raise and lower the mobile stair flight. This simple, low-maintenance system combined with the unique flight interface geometry gives full height adjustment with no need of additional cylinders mounted in the support frame.
  3. The side doors (access platform) are movable, but they can be fixed in order to allow the opening of the passenger doors.
  4. Spring-mounted front section platform – This feature cushions the impact of the stairs against the aircraft in case of rough positioning and adds the advantage of eliminating any door/platform sill gap.
Weight 6000 kg
Dimensions 7960 × 3100 × 3600 cm



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