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A truly advanced, universal self-propelled passenger step. Designed based on standards established by the European Committee for Standardization of Airport Stairways, the EUROSTEP combines high quality and safety for passengers with ultimate convenience and flexibility for operators and maintenance crews. Based on the trusted and patented technology of FMC´s UDS-2/EUS-2 Universal Self-Propelled Passenger Step, the EUROSTEP adds even further innovations. For example, it features controls for the positioning adjustment, supplemented by dash mounted screen which continously displays the exact height of the steps.The EUROSTEP serves a wide range of aircraft, from the Boeing B737 to the Airbus A340, always with maximum passenger safety and comfort.

These new FMC steps also provide the added benefits of modular design and parts commonality to simplify service and reduce inventory.The driver’s cab is fully heated with ergonomic instrument and control layout, to provide driver comfort and safety.Wide platform to allow aircraft door to open without repositioning steps to enhance operator safety and reduces operation time.Alusingen anti.skid for the greatest safety. It ensures water drainage and prevents ice formation in cold weather.

Weight 7800 kg
Dimensions 8100 × 3120 × 3600 cm



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