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• 24+ Years of Experience with Electric Powered Commander Loaders• Proven Operations from 37 C (99 F) to -25 C (-13 F) with no Modifications• Provides the most Efficient Operating System which Requires Less Power• Easy Access Maintenance with Swing-out Power Module• Common Operating Systems with Commander 15i Diesel Loaders• Ability to Convert Older Model Commander 15/15i Diesel’s to Electric

Advantages of Electric Loaders over Diesel Power

• Quieter Operations with no Exhaust Fumes• Future Proofed – Meets all Future Environmental Requirements• Lower Maintenance Costs – Electric Motor/Batteries vs. Diesel Engine – Power on Demand = Elimination of Non-operational Idling Time
• Lower Operating Costs – Electric Power Lower Cost and more Stable than Diesel Fuel

Weight 15900 kg
Dimensions 8690 × 4224 × 3023 cm



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