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The pallet/container transporter, model TDA-15, is a rugged, heavy duty vehicle designed to transport and transfer containerized and palletized cargo loads weighing up to 7 Tons to and from container/pallet loaders, dollies and racks.

The unit incorporates a hydrostatic transmission, diesel engine in an easily accessible compartment and hydraulic powered steering.

The transporter complies with EN-12312-10. The load deck is equipped with 160 mm diameter motorized rollers and is divided into two sections for individual or simultaneous transfer of ULD’s. The load deck is provided with a hydraulic height adjustment of between 18” and 23”.

The transporter can optionally be fitted with open or closed cabin with or without heating; rubber lagged rollers, powered shift system, and special front roller mechanism for automatic transfer of pallets and containers to and from dollies for safer and quicker operation, hydraulic load centering guides for containers, etc.

Weight 4100 kg
Dimensions 4300 × 3720 × 1300 cm



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