DOLL X- CAT M U79.15S045.00

DOLL U79.15S045.00

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DOLL’s catering highloaders have always been regarded as market leaders when it comes to quality. A strong lift system with a robust steel scissor lift gently raises the box upwards. The numerous safety features guarantee absolute stability. Intelligent sensor technology ensures the docking and transfer processes run smoothly – and everything is clearly shown on displays in the driver’s cab and superstructure. The highly insulated box maintains its temperature, preserving the quality of the food products inside. And the focus is always on ensuring the best and safest possible handling for your operators and vehicles.

Features + advantages
* Vehicles comply with AHM 913 requirements
* Safety is a standard feature of the series, thanks to innovative, electronic control and assistance systems
* Intelligent maintenance and service systems
* Reliable design and weight-optimised steel structure
* Bolted auxiliary frame made from high-quality fine-grained steel
* Compatible with all well-known truck chassis brands
* Can be approved for use on public roads
* Complies with the official superstructure guidelines for truck manufacturers
* Built with high-quality components and well-known brand products

Facts + components
* Transfer heights between approx. 1.1 m and 8 m
* Electro hydraulically extendable canopy to protect your employees
* Robust aluminium platform with extendable side walls
* Insulated roller shutters available in a range of sizes

Weight 15000 kg
Dimensions 9000 × 2250 × 3800 cm



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