AXA POWER 3GSTS -200/345-L

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AXA Power is the world’s leading supplier of 400 Hz and 28 VDC solid-state Ground Power Units with more than 6.000 units in operation at leading airports world-wide. All AXA 28 VDC GPUs are based on the solid-state technology – thus assuring first class performance even under the most extreme conditions. Wear and tear is limited to a minimum because there are no rotating parts. The AXA 28 VDC GPU assists in reducing the amount of exhaust fumes and noise level within the airport area. And the AXA 28 VDC unit secures a fast, reliable and safe start of the aircraft engines. It takes over the power supply when the aircraft is on ground thus saving expensive onboard batteries and fuel consumption.

Weight 1100 kg



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