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Congestion on airports and limited space on ramp as well as the need to reduce operation costs at a minimum called for the USE OF A NARROWLOADER WHENEVER POSSIBLE.The new generation of loaders, chainless for easier maintenance and faster operation.The arrival on airports of the A320 and new A319 called for the design and creation of a new loader/Transporter: The AIR MARREL LAM 3500.In its research for trouble free maintenance and comfort for the operator AIR MARREL has developed a special version of the LAM 3500 Model calledLAM 3500 DP/M8. In addition to all features of the standard model DP/M7, the new version DP/8 offers powered side loading and container rotation inoption or rotation only.Other innovative design to be found on the AIR MARREL LAM 3500 DP/8 isthe chain-less load transfer system (all powered rollers are directly driven by individual hydraulic motors)The LAM 3500 DP/-8 can: transfer baggage and cargo containers or pallets (max.60.4″ wide) to the front and rear lower deck compartments of Boeing B767 and Airbus A319, A320, A321 aircraft. transfer baggage and cargo containers/pallets to the rear lower deck compartments of DC10, MD11, L1011, A300, A310, A340 and B777 aircraft. receive independantly on the front platform one AKH container or LD1, LD2, LD3. receive on the rear platform 2 special AKH containers or 2 standard containers LD1, LD2, LD3 or 1 container LD4, LD6, LD8, LD11 or standard aircraft pallet up to 1540mmx 3175mm (60.4″ x 125″). transfer containers or pallets to the aircraft at transfer heights from approx. 1.900 m to 3.480 m (74.8″ to 136.2″). receive and discharge loads from ground vehicles at a height of 508mm (20 in.), with a minimum height of 485 mm (19.3 in.) and a maximumpossible height (on the rear) of 1600mm (63 in.).

Dimensions 8140 × 2966 × 2965 cm