Avoiding downtime: proactive maintenance strategies for your GSE fleet

Today, any handler operating a fleet of GSE, of whatever size, knows that it is imperative that his equipment is ready to function as soon as a flight arrives. There can be no margin for error here: if a unit fails in operation, the consequences can be very costly indeed if any sort of delay is incurred. This is why, quite simply, maintenance of GSE is vitally important.

When time is money

But it is not simply just a question of maintenance. Any fleet manager can keep records to show when equipment is due for servicing or overhaul or when kit requires replacement parts. However, the bigger the fleet, the more numerous the records and the greater the task becomes in keeping up with the technical side of operating ramp equipment. The above-mentioned type of practice, which is very common, can be classified as reactive. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with looking after GSE in this way but today, thanks to advances in IT and the emergence of AI, there are better methods of tackling the situation.

Proactive maintenance is the buzzword here: instead of paper records or diary dates to remind the handler of when his equipment is due for a visit to the workshop, a comprehensive computer program permits a much more fluid approach to the concept.

Proactive means preventive

Best maintenance practice relies on pre-empting any possible hiccoughs when it comes to the reliability of the GSE fleet. Given the details of the equipment and the relevant servicing data, a specialist provider such as AVIACO can draw up a program that takes into account not just usage of the GSE but also when it can be spared from the work schedule for maintenance purposes. Troubleshooting is what this approach is all about: instead of waiting until something in the GSE fleet requires attention, a proactive system cleverly looks ahead to effectively deal with potential shortcomings before they achieve critical status – and which might then go on to negatively impact the handler’s day-to-day routine.

Proactive maintenance for peace of mind 

It goes without saying that any system which effectively tackles tomorrow’s problems today is of immeasurable benefit to the ground handler. Such a system takes away the headaches associated with keeping a fleet of GSE in tip-top working condition; moreover, providers such as AVIACO are able to supply expert advice based upon useful experience built up in this area. In addition, the company is happy to share case studies to underline further the advantages of this concept.

Furthermore, knowing that every ground handling operation is unique means that a proactive solution is effectively tailored to that handler’s particular requirements: in this domain, there is no “one size fits all”. Adoption of a proactive maintenance package will bring with it not only peace of mind but also reduced costs, since the handler will be able to better budget for his maintenance needs, as he is forearmed with the necessary information. Operational efficiency will also be enhanced because of this; GSE, operating under such a scheme, can be relied upon to deliver, year in, year out.

The advantages are clear: no more guesswork; no more last minute decision-making; and no more crisis management. Isn’t it time you embraced the future with the tools of today? 

Contact AVIACO to find out how downtime is becoming a thing of the past.

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