The Mallaghan TSU3000 Toilet Service Truck has been specially designed to service the toilet tank of all aircraft types based on the vacuum evacuation principle.

  • 3000 litre total stainless steel tank capacity, 2no tanks with approx. 2000 litre effluent & 1000 litre flushing water, 100mm steel wired vaccuum waste hose with aircraft connector, access lids, Lift basket, manlid for water tank, manual drainback & heater in rear locker.
  • Waste tank mounted in tandem with flush tank.
  • Complete assembly attached to vehicle chassis via independent flexible rubber mounts.
  • Top surface covered with aluminium tread-plate supported on a tubular frame, secured to the tank top ensuring easy access to the aircraft servicing points.
  • Water and vacuum services are provided via power take-off, which is engaged or disengaged within the vehicle cab.

Available Units



Completely refurbished and in good shape.

About the manufacturer

Originally established as a Civil Engineering Firm in the 1960’s, the company was founded by Terry Mallaghan and has now become one of the leading aviation industry suppliers in the manufacture of Airport Ground Support Equipment, producing highly acclaimed GSE products to an ever-expanding global network of customers.

The company, located in Ireland, accredits its move towards the manufacture of high quality GSE following extensive research throughout Europe and the Middle Eastern regions. Terry’s keen pursuits took him to many parts of these regions where he identified a need within the aviation industry for schedule streamlining.