The 690 is a modern low noise Ground Power Unit suitable for servicing 400Hz A.C and D.C electrical systems on all types of aircraft. Powered by a diesel engine, coupled to a ‘state of the art’ Houchin alternator, the unit is mounted on a monocoque chassis with integral cable trays. It is protected by our unique sliding weatherproof canopy and is designed for maximum access and noise attenuation.

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Completely refurbished and in good shape.

About the manufacturer

Houchin has always been a strong brand name recognised and respected throughout the world. Among the former Houchin’s customers you find Airlines, Ground Handling Companies, Lease Companies, Airports and Military organisations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. With Service Engineers in the UK, Denmark and Dubai, Houchin has ensured their customers the best possible service. Houchin, established back in 1921, joined ITW in 2005.