Guinault has been manufacturing Ground Power Units for Aviation Industry for 60 years (1949). Guinault claims the LOWEST TCO GPU (Total Cost of Ownership) available on the market using :

  • the lowest engine rpm for 400Hz available in the world : 1714rpm !
  • the high efficiency Guinault Alternator made in FRANCE (op�mized for low load operation representing 70% of the opera�on �me of GPU)
  • the in-house designed and built Electronic Control System to withstand extreme conditions : sandy/dusty wind, humid and corrosive atmosphere
  • galvanized chassis, double wall plastic fuel tank, polyester canopy ensure the highest protection against corrosion
  • great maintenance accessibility and reduced noise level though monoblock mounts flapping polyester canopy Guinault uses its expertise in electronic and engine control to give a significant product advantage and to design highly reliable solutions for extreme operational conditions. Guinault also limits the obsolescence risk as we also manufacture our own electrical/electronics components. Rated power: 120 KVA


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Available Units



Completely refurbished and in good shape.

About the manufacturer

GUINAULT has been supplying the European aeronautics industry for more than 60 years. Maurice GUINAULT founded the company GUINAULT in 1949. The generators of the time mainly supplied continuous electric current at 28 volts to airplanes. In the early 1970s, GUINAULT manufactured the first 400Hz ground power unit produced in France for the Boeing 707, which was a novelty on French soil. In the early 1990s GUINAULT manufactured the first multi-voltage GPU, based on multi-coil alternators. Customers included Dassault (Mirage aircraft), Aerospatiale (now EADS) and Sud Aviation (now Eurocopter). In 2000, GUINAULT designed the variable speed electronically controlled pneumatic starting unit (ASU), while the first 400 Hz static converter was designed and produced in 2001. In 2010, GUINAULT jointly designed a unique, ultra-compact and electronically controlled air conditioning unit for military applications with a refrigeration partner and developed a complete range.