The Self-Propelled Ground Power Unit, model EAA-100, 120 and 140 KVA’s, has been designed to provide electric current to all types of aircraft, both commercial and military, whose onboard system is equipped with AC three-phase, 400 Hz 115/200 V.

It is also available with a DC kit to supply up to 2.500 A (peak) and is equipped with a spacious operator’s post for driver and co-pilot. It is purpose built from the start as an autonomous self-propelled GPU, maximizing space and component interface resulting in a compact, highly maneuverable and versatile vehicle. The unit can be used as a tow tractor as it is equipped with a rear tow hook.

It is available with a wide range of options such as spacious 2/3 man cabin in open or enclosed version, 3 different outputs on DC Kit: 12V; 24V. 28,5V. Oil Management System for automatic checks/topping up, etc.

The unit complies with the norm EN-12312-20.

About the manufacturer

EINSA is a Spanish company with a clear international vocation, with headquarters and factory in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid). Our mission is to design, develop, manufacture and market the most advanced ground support equipment for civil and military aviation.