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Aviaco has been busy recently as a participator at #GSE and #groundhandling industry events, in the US as well as in Europe. Every year, a number of specialist industry showcases are organized, often by magazine publishers. For some of these, Covid cancelled or curtailed their effect but with the pandemic over, these industry forums are once more coming into their own.

Firstly, the company took part as an exhibitor in the Ground Handling International 7th Americas Conference, which was held in Punta Cana, over June 13-15.

This particular conference is one of Ground Handling International magazine’s business events which deliberately span the globe; in fact, the Americas event has steadily been growing since its inception, and it now attracts a wider audience, drawn from both the immediate region and further afield. As a showcase for that part of the world, this year certainly did not disappoint, and there was much business transacted over the three days in question.

Whilst not on the same scale as the magazine’s annual event, the Americas nonetheless shares all the trappings of the bigger show, to the point that any delegate attending this conference will feel immediately at ease if they have taken part in the Annual.

A golf day preceded this year’s event, something that is appreciated by no few delegates, especially when the weather is fine. The conference itself followed its by now traditional schedule, with industry speakers presenting on a multitude of subjects, including GSE simulation, coping with the skills shortage and the problem of worker safety on the ramp. Time was even devoted to the current buzzword, that of Artificial Intelligence, and its potential role within the sector was examined. Needless to say, a certain number of presentations were focussed on the Americas, and embraced the particular aviation requirements of the region. As ever, there was plenty of time for organised meetings and much to see on the stands of those exhibiting throughout the three days. Particularly useful, as in the past, were the Speed Networking sessions, where handlers and airlines were available for quick-fire introductions from interested parties. One can only guess at the numbers of successful business transactions resulting from these mini-encounters.

The delegate dinner, traditionally the preserve of the second day, was well attended and provided further opportunities for networking, enabling delegates to make the most of their time out of the office.

In fact, according to GHI’s Chairman, Max Gosney, the 7th edition was a record-breaking event in terms of attendance – proof that the industry is getting back on its feet after what has been a debilitating period in its history. This optimistic outlook was endorsed by Aviaco’s Danny Vranckx, who commented favorably on the location and the fact that it provided a useful opportunity to meet delegates from the Caribbean countries, a region in which GSE suppliers are increasingly seeing demand. In his words, for Aviaco, the show “provided plenty of potential” – and he was very satisfied with the overall attendance and the contacts made.

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